A Canadian "Coup"

It all happened last week when I was in Fredericton , where I did not have access to television, radio and internet. After I left there last Friday, I quickly found that the Steven Harper government is in a load of shit. It all started when Harper, as a strategist himself, tried to use the financial crisis as an excuse to suppress the other political parties. Unfortunate to Harper, he and his iron-fist ruled gang probably forgot the fact that they are just a minority. In other words, compromising with the other parties is a must in order to survive; indeed cooperating with just one opposition party (never mind the Green) is more than enough. His worse move is to attack all other opposition parties at the same time! This is what the Conservative government is facing, the opposition parties are forming a coalition to try to topple the Harper government. In Canadian politics, this is out of norm but is perfectly legal. Those Tories who called this a "coup" better go back to school to complete their study, I mean high school.

I personally don’t think the Harper government will be toppled this time because the coalition parties are not in any shape to rule the country. However this is a valuable lesson for Harper in two ways. First, this political incident will remind this arrogant prime minister that his government is merely a minority government. Secondly, I am sick of seeing him putting every bill to a confidence vote. From now on, most proposed bills will be fully negotiated and compromised before being passed as laws. Steven Harper tried to kick the asses of the other parties, they just slap in his face in return. Well, he totally deserves this!

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  1. It was happened all of a sudden, however, no matter what are the results; I don’t think it is good for Canadian.
    [版主回覆12/04/2008 11:30:00]Agree, the stock market and the Canadian currency have said so these days!