Smart Move

This is one of a few examples where a Canadian retailer does something brilliant. Take those obsolete HD DVD players from your hands, give you $100 discount and get your buy those nowhere-to-go Blu-ray/HD DVD combo players. If only 10% HD DVD player owners do the trade-in, Future Shop can sell 3500 combo players. I think this number is still higher than its inventory level. In other words, it can effectively clear its hard-to-sell combo players while customers are praising the company. What a move!

Future Shop offers HD DVD trade-in

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  1. 做得唔夠! 學吓人哋啦:
    Following a major Japanese consumer electronics chain and an offer in Germany, Sony Switzerland is now offering HD DVD owners to swap their player for $200 credit towards a Blu-ray player plus 6 free Blu-ray discs . Though, entry level Blu-ray players weren't really more expensive than HD DVD players before the latest price cuts made it to Europe.
    [版主回覆03/09/2008 13:35:00]For those HD DVD player owners who have a small collection of HD DVD's, surrending their old players for BD players is not a good deal at all.

  2. Oh man! You remind me the days in Canada!  Future Shop, 雞呔 etc...
    [版主回覆03/09/2008 13:30:00]You lived in the west or the east?

  3. I was using K-Freshman's notebook previously and I forgot to login with my account hahaha...  Yes, I lived in Vancouver for 12 years...
    [版主回覆03/10/2008 10:18:00]十二年,都好長時間了!

  4. 我都係果便住過幾個月 , 不過揾唔到工做 , 最後都係要去 D 苦寒之地 ..
    [版主回覆03/10/2008 10:19:00]仲要這個 weekend 剷雪添

  5. 其實當年冇諗過回流返港, 一返又返咗十年...  真係「懷偭過去, 常陶醉....」 噤你又過咗Halifax(對嗎?)幾耐呀?/
    [版主回覆03/11/2008 10:30:00]係我,去咗 Halifax 四年那個是我!

  6. 唔係. 我係多倫多, 差兩個月就坐咗十三年...
    [版主回覆03/11/2008 10:32:00]你有排係多倫多坐,仔細老婆嫩你點昱!

  7. 唔係呀! 係 仔細老婆又唔嫩 . 遲 D 你 介紹 個嫩 D 嘅 比我 啦 , 多謝先 !  
    [版主回覆03/13/2008 09:50:00]有我都自己要先啦!