Another Green Dam?

According to the news article, the Middle East wireless carrier Etisalat is asking their customers to install an "upgrade" on their Blackberries. The problem is that the new software is not authorised by RIM. To make things worse, the software is developed by a US company that is specialised in building spyware! The software can potentially turn a blackberry into a spying device for eavesdropping, data thievery and as a location beacon! My friends in China , the day your smartphones are required to install a Green Dam could be coming!

CBC News: RIM warns Mideast customers of spyware

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  1. 恐怖分子係唔用blackberry嘅, 奧巴馬先用佢!  恐怖分子係用美制嘅iphone..
    [版主回覆08/01/2009 10:36:00]好似販毒份子用 Blackberry,貪佢加了密!