EVA-01 (Rebuild of Evangelion)

I have managed to complete this kit before August, hooray! This is the 1:400 injection kit released by Kotobukiya in November last year for the new theatrical series of Neon Genesis Evangelion (aka Rebuild of Evangelion.) For those who are not familiar with the new series, the most obvious difference on EVA-01 between the original TV series and the new theatrical series is the green belly. Otherwise, the two versions are quite the same except for the body proportion. For the new theatrical edition of Evangelion, Kotobukiya’s model kit of EVA-01 is way better than Bandai’s version, which was released in 2007. Unfortunately, Kotobukiya’s version is also way more expensive (5,400 yens vs. 3,800 yens.) Anyway, after months of working on the kit, here it is! (The kit is pretty much out-of-box build. I only drilled a few holes on the waist just like Medicom's RAH version. I also modified the thumb of a right hand, which held the knife, and added some decals.)