終於可以置身會場見到自己件製作,感覺很特別。可能是上一次參加模型比賽是足足二十年之前的事,所以造得好與壞自己還覺得是次要,首要者是參與一下,感受一下個氣氛;不似以往般只作壁上觀。當然交件後與小鯊, Joel 及 crabchui 吃飯,大談模型更是前所未有的體驗。多謝三位

First day in Hong Kong

Arrived Hong Kong about 24 hours ago, what a long flight! The weather was not too hot, indeed much better than I thought. I was so tired that I did not want to call any one of my friend. I need some time to recover from the jetlag. Now, after a good night sleep, I am ready for rock'n-roll!

Notice from Daniel for KOGM 2006

I must be a luck one because I have a lazy sister. I used my sister's home address for the KOGM 2006 Competition but I never told her that there will be a letter for me from Daniel. Since most people received their letters on last Friday, Saturday or even Monday, I expected mine was sitting in her mailbox since that time. Because of my sister's laziness, she checked her mailbox until Wednesday, the first day I am in HK. Here is the problem, the letter is addressed to "B-024" rather than my name (Jim Chan), if my sister checked her mailbox before Wednesday, she would have thrown away (or returned) this letter without thinking that it's my letter. It's a close call, is it not?

Home sweet home

I came home last night, it took me much longer than I thought. Now I realise that if I don't sleep well in the days before driving home, it is very difficult and dangerous to drive the 18-hour trip.  However the KOGM Competition really took a lot of my time. In fact I still haven't finished writing the web page of my Gundam Astray. I started building the model in April and thought I should be able to finish it well before the deadline. Well, this is not the first time I overestimate my speed!

電擊高達模型王大賽進度 (四)


New phone

Bought the cell phone above last night, the quality of the built-in camera can be seen from the photo below. Well, I am glad that I no longer use my old LG fxxking phone anymore. On the other hand, I am not too happy with my model progress because I was playing my new little device since then!

電擊高達模型王大賽進度 (三)

下星期甚至乎明天已經可以為主體上色了,不過武器和地臺還需少少工夫。這個進度我甚至今日有時間去看 Pirates of the Caribbean 2  照睇可以在放大假前收拾一下屋企才出發。

八月份Hobby JAPAN

今日放工回家就收到八月份的 Hobby JAPAN,果然又是兩星期才寄到。

今期重點..........................攻殼機動隊 Solid State Society 九月一日放送

 (不過 2nd GIG 都未追完!)

Eating Habit

The study released today said most Canadians do not eat right.
I happened to take this picture yesterday, and it shows what I ate after work. (A cup of V8, some celery stalks, some cherries, and a slice of chaddar cheese)

Alright, here are what I ate yesterday:

  • Rice (3 meals)
  • 2 bowls of vegetable-turkey soup
  • 2 apples
  • 1 nectarine
  • 1 banana
  • 1 bottle of diet coke
  • about 0.4lb of fish
  • half of a romaine lettuce
  • some frozen vegetable
  • little chocolate
  • 1 cup of V8
  • some cherries
  • some celery
  • 2-3 slices of cheese (cheddar)
  • 100g of frozen yogurt

    Not too bad, right?! That's why I always think I am not "Canadian" enough

電擊高達模型王大賽進度 (二)

After a long weekend, things start getting better. Hopefully I can get the base done in the rest of this week. (I can only write English now, my Chinese writing pad is out of order AGAIN!)

Death of Trip in Enterprise

Just finished the fourth season of Enterprise. Realised that there is something wrong about the death of Trip. He's not stupid, indeed he's always a smart guy. How come the script writer wrote him carrying out such a stupid plan to beat those alien intruders. What a poor ending for Trip, who is the most passionate character in the story!


上星期公司寫字檯前的窗外,但見有拆卸工程進行,把一憧三四層高的小樓拆毀,倒也覺得有趣。見小樓原址現已變了一堆瓦礫,原以為再沒有甚麼有趣事物可見。誰知今早從原被小樓遮擋處望去,先見兩艘躉船在濃霧中把一隻加拿大補給艦(應該是 Preserver)推進碼頭泊岸,然後見到是該船上的一隻軍用直升機 Sea King 起飛。在天空飛行的 Sea King 倒也常見,但它的起飛還是首次見到,有趣有趣!


但見今夜星稀月暗,明日國慶休假,好一個電擊趕工時機 - 苦也!