The war is over?!

According to the news, Blockbuster will not carry HD-DVD anymore, and Blu-ray discs will be the only Hi-Definition video discs we can get from their stores. Finally we see the end of this format war, which is quite ridiculous in the first place. Just a few days ago, I was tempted to get an HD-DVD player but I did not do so. Lucky, I should say but I did make a reasonable decision at that time because the player in question only has 1080i resolution. After I realisedit, I looked at the HD-DVD player that has 1080p output, and was surprised to find that this player is selling at the same price of the cheapest Blu-ray DVD player, which also has 1080p resolution. So, when we compare apple with apple, Blu-ray players are no longer more expensive than the Toshiba counterparts. That is something new to me!

Blockbuster backs Blu-ray

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