1:144 Imperial Shuttle 製作花絮 (一)

Imperial Shuttle 在星球大戰第四集已經有出現 , 但直至「武士復仇」才有較吃重的角色功能 (用來偷渡幾位主角) , 所以雖然是大配角機 , 但 Revell 也有替它出過模型 , 祇不過不是 1:144 這個笑笑團指定比例吧。要這個比例的話就唯有自己動手做了。

1:144 的 Imperial Shuttle 是依 Revell 版本縮小 , 但因為 Revell 與原設定有一些出入 , 所以我這個縮小版本也與設定有一些分別。模型主要以 0.25mm, 0.5mm, 0.75mm 和 1.0mm 搭建而成 , 同時也用了些 Evergreen 圓膠管建成。

因為之前的千歲鷹已經加入燈飾 , 所以這模型也有這個安排。不過因為空間較小 , 引擎部份的燈飾做了三次才能在有限的空間辦成這件事。而今次除了引擎用了 LED 燈之外 , 翼端也用了光纖導光 , 算是另一個新嘗試。

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  1. Revell’s shuttle bears no scale and people say basing on its two pilots the whole vehicle seems to be around 1/72. If yours is 1/144, the wings’ length should be half of the Revell’s. However yours seems 3/4 of it. So what is your source or base of measurements? Anyway, a good build. :)

  2. Basing the scale on the pilots is definitely a bad idea because the whole cockpit is out of scale. There is reference on the length of the spacecraft, and this is how I got the 0.75 scale down factor.

  3. Thanks.

    Numerical dimensions are found though it’s hard to imagine what they refer to:

    A video shows the cockpit and the two figures. They seem reasonable in proportion but hardly sure if they are around 1/72. (4:00)

    Making measurement is one of the interesting area for scratch building.

  4. The cockpit does not look right to me because in the movie, all smugglers were in there. The model cockpit only fits in two persons. And yes, the reference is only a description of the size, hardly be precise but a decision has to be made in order to proceed. One factor I considered is a comparison with Millennium Falcon. 1:72 for Revell's kit will be very big compared with the 1:144 MF.

  5. Please note that the MPC or Revell’s Star Wars series kits are all not in a consistent scale. Each kit scale varies from one another and that’s why modelers are feeling frustrated. So comparing the M Falcon for measurement might not be valid.
    But I get your point about the shuttle cockpit size. Thanks.

    1. Yup, the scale of those kits is a mess. When I did research on the size of some spacecraft, I was surprised by the lack of information in this area after 30 years. You know, Star Wars is supposedly well researched by fans. Anyhow, there is no point to treat the subject seriously.