Canadian Military Procurement

Finally Steven Harper announced the procurement of the three JSS (Joint Support Ship), how many years are these ships put on the back burner? Despite of my dislike of the Tory, this is one thing they are doing right!

3 則留言:

  1. Yesterday Harper announced buying the JSS; today as expected, it's the medium trucks turn. They are very expensive by the way, 500k per one! Of course this figure includes many accessories and maintenance contract per vehicle but it still sounds alot to me!

  2. Today's announcement is 16 Chinook helicopters. Since they are medium range, apparently too tall to be loaded into the to-be-acquired C17, and too big to sit on board of our frigates or 280-Class, it will be a while for them to go to Afganistan!

  3. Finally today is the announcement of the most controversial items. Apparently there is no mention of any funding for the infrastructure to house the four C-17s. Perhaps CF even need some money to expand the runway for some bases in order to allow the C-17s to take off and land!