Cyber defence?

I find the news about the US military setting up a cyberwarfare command a bit weird. First of all, isn’t it a little bit late to do it? Of course it’s better to be late than never. On top of that, the new command is going to be headed by a four-star general who will command a few hundred personnel unit?! That’s so out-of-proportion that I can smell conspiracy here. Also, what exactly will this command do? I believe the Homeland Security, CIA and FBI have already had anti-cyber-attack capability. Any attack will come through the Internet, which is guarded by those organizations. So under what circumstances will the cyberwarfare command step in and counter the attack? You know, many cyber attacks are in the form of swarm attacks, how will the cyberwarfare command determine if an attack is a military action against the US ? It could just be a 14 years old hacker testing a new virus.


On the other hand, the new command does have something interesting on its agenda, I think. Unlike Homeland Security or CIA, military units consider offensive operations as important as defensive ones. I can imagine that the new cyberwarfare command will actively prepare all possible attacks against military and civilian cyber infrastructures of another foreign countries. Yes, attack is half of their job!

CBC News: U.S. to launch cyberwarfare command centre

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  1. 可唔可以首先拆o左綠壩佢?
    [版主回覆06/25/2009 11:20:00]如果講首先,首先就咪鬼裝先啦! 如果咁不幸綠壩纏身的話,捱一年,到第二年當佢問你收年費時你拒絕,唔知綠壩會否自動作廢呢

  2. After all, "Attack is the best defence". This cyberwarfare command will concentrate on the offensive role, I think, since Homeland Security, CIA and FBI are not "convenient" in that role.
    [版主回覆06/25/2009 20:38:00]Exactly! However the news annoucement only focus on the defensive side, which is only a minor role!