Windows Startup

Today when I looked up some information on the web at work, I came across a little Windows magic command that will save a lot of my time. My PC is four years old, and although I tried to install as few programs as possible, they piled up over time. One problem is that some of them try to do something at startup but they are not even used at the end of the day. If your computer takes a long time to start, you are having the same problem as I did. The Windows' "Startup" menu in "All Programs" only lists some of these programs, removing the listed programs simply doesn't cut at all. The magic command is "msconfig" executed at "Run" in "Start".  This will lead to a complete list of those self-started programs. Yes, some of you knew this trick but I did not! Once I put it in my blog, I'll know where to go when I need to turn off some programs. Oh, before I go, bye-bye MSN Messager you fxxker!

3 則留言:

  1. 「Oh, before I go, bye-bye MSN Messager you fxxker!」 我冇用MSN,但同樣每次開機佢都彈出來……不過我反你咁狂燥喎﹗不過你這句反而令我諗起我細佬,每次我嬴佢錢,佢都會話﹕x﹗Chris, you xucxer

  2. 是冇你……不是反你~~~~打錯字。

  3. 冇法,MSN Messager 實在好討厭及覇道;第一,不是每部電腦都廿四小時連接上網,用電話線的朋友就是一個例子。第二,不是每個人一上網就找朋友,正經的公事私事上網就不一定牽涉朋友在內。第三,雖然可以調校到一開機不一定登入 MSN,但那個 Window 就總好像棺材一樣放在你面前!