India bans Chinese telecom equipment

Chinese government always thinks that there is no consequences whatsoever of its action on the Internet. The government hacks into its people’s computers or spies on international network as if any retrieved information is free to grab. Well, I guess this time its telecommunication industry simply gets hurt for a change. Chances are India will not be the last country to put out such a ban. In fact, more Chinese products will be banned by foreign countries due to national security reasons. Will Apple set up a factory in China to build its computer? Probably not. Will Nokia manufacture its handsets in China? I doubt it. Will any foreign companies contract China to send their satellites into orbit? Fat chance! Prosperity may be able to allow Shanghai to host a World Expo but it definitely won’t make China a trustworthy nation in the world.

Source: CBC

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  1. 活該! .... 以為發左, 又有大把核彈同飛機大砲, 重有呢樣果樣人地就一定要侵你玩. 慳D啦!
    p.s. 不過, 大把水, 又搭友, 夾且夠惡, 加埋鍾意潑婦罵街, 咁又真得幾得人怕. 正所謂 "好佬怕爛佬, 爛佬怕潑婦". 宜加佢 "爛佬+潑婦" 集於一身, 佢指鹿為馬, 大家都會跟著佢話隻鹿係馬. ... 法國總統薩爾科齊高調亮相上海Expo, 不是也高調講 "西藏和台灣都是中國一部分" 嗎?! ....
    ...指鹿為馬 這個成語真的有意思, 到今天仍然用得著, 而且係暴發果個做趙高, "列強"果班那頭做趙高D細路. 不單法國, 還有那些英, 美, 日, .... 唉, "列強" 喎, 人地舊時話佢地係 "列強" 喎! ... 點解佢地今日cheap到跟人話馬係鹿呀?!  
    [版主回覆05/02/2010 10:33:00]表面上其他國家都對大陸客客氣氣,只是屈於金錢,但在科技和軍事兩大重要項目上,西方國家都不願與大陸玩。共產黨的沾沾自喜未免來得太早了!

  2. 在香港, 感受到o既內地"財富帝國主義"壓力一日比一日強....
    [版主回覆05/02/2010 10:26:00]以前香港人也有財大氣粗的階段,但這是步向成熟的過程,只希望內地這財富帝國主義不會維持太耐。

  3. 世界係相對的...
    [版主回覆05/02/2010 10:22:00]話就話相對,但當然每個中國人都希望自己的國家是絕對地好,不是單單比北韓索馬里好就叫足夠吧!

  4. 印度這樣做都有私心, 話晒自己和中國亦敵亦友, 呢招一出既可吸引那班講民主的外資, 又可以大條道理下和中國說"不" ! 高招啊 ~  比人口和人工, 事實上印度是有本錢的 ~
    [版主回覆05/04/2010 09:52:00]印度的天氣太熱,人口和人工再多再低對外資的吸引力恐怕不能與中國相比。不過印度人的英語能力遠高於大陸,這是其另一強項。

  5. First of all, I'm not a communist or intereseted in their actions... Hahaha... Don't you know both Apple and Nokia have manufacturing plants in China?  I had a chance to visit Dell's plant in Xaimen 4 years ago.  Right Next to it were Intel, ATI, Nvida, etc etc... As a matter of fact, I don't think you can find an electronic device or applicance which does not contain any China made components... As for India, I agree with SY as these two countries are indeed in direct competition.  English is an advantage to India but Korean and Japanese speakers in China make it a clear choice for corps to setup Asian call centers in Qingdao or Dailan.  Too early to say who will win though... On the other hand, I just don't understand why ppl don't blame the CIA where they can tap into any voice and data lines!  Do you know that US Government can ask Googles to send them any client's detail email and documents stored under Google Apps if the US Government suspect the client is a terrorist?
    [版主回覆05/07/2010 10:41:00]Oh, really! I thought Apple's products were made in Taiwan. Well, in any case, my point is that China better be a trustworthy state in order to attract investment. People don't like this CIA practice as well but Chinese like you and me have no say on this issue. China and the US, one is 真小人, one is 偽君子。

  6. Hahaha... I just don't think they will! Fresh off the press: Wi-Fi key-cracking kits sold in China mean free Internet
    [版主回覆05/08/2010 11:16:00]China never short of criminals!