My prayers answered

At long last, the four Alien movies will be released in October THIS YEAR! Like the four old movies are not scary enough, Fox surprises us by pricing the anthology at US$140  If this set of movies has not broken the bank, Criterion has another classic to take our money: Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurai! To be honest, Seven Samurai is particularly suitable for Blu-ray because of its long running time. My only copy of the movie is on LD, and you can image how disturbing it is to flip or change disc evey hour. (Don't know about the DVD version but Criterion's DVD is a 3-disc set. Perhaps the whole movie can be put on one DVD.) Looks like it's time to save some money for this October

'Alien Anthology' Officially Announced and Detailed for Blu-ray

'Seven Samurai' on Blu-ray!

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  1. 頂! Aliens 我老早買左boxset dvd喇...
    [版主回覆07/17/2010 05:17:00]所以近年這套 Alien DVD boxset 「臨」價「臨」成點我都無入手 

  2. 早兩日至在家中開o左隻"七俠四義"dvd來睇, 隻dvd 係好幾年前hmv特價$20買入的港版. 你唔講我都唔覺原來係有3粒鐘, 唔怪之得要反碟睇B SIDE.... 我個女都陪我全套睇晒, 佢都話緊張好睇!!
    [版主回覆07/19/2010 19:20:00]如果無記錯的話,影片中間的確是有段中場休息時間。你個女應該很少有機會見這種電影安排了。